Wedding Website

Wedding websites become popular among couples who are planning to get married very soon. By using a wedding website, you can share many things you have experienced during your wedding planning. You can also put information of your ceremony and reception on the website so that your guests can be reminded in case that the wedding invitations cannot be delivered to them. Not until one to two years ago, it was not easy to create a website yourself. Although you may be able to create simple HTML pages with software such as Microsoft Frontpage, you may still need the help from professionals in order to make your website more perfect.

Nowadays, however, you can make a good and elegant wedding website without any knowledge in HTML and programming. You may use open source software and services provided by any hosting company to create your own wedding website. The user interfaces of such services are mostly user friendly and you should be able to create the website as long as you can read! You can follow the following tips in order to create your own wedding site.

Before you start your wedding site, you will need to have a domain name for your website. The domain name can be treated as an identity of your wedding website. For example, google. com is a domain name and you will see it is the domain name of Google. You can think of a domain name you love and then have a little search for the availability of it from Yahoo!

One of the ways to get a domain name is to register on your own. Alternatively, you can also register through hosting companies. Because you will need to find the hosting services for your website in a later stage, you may decide to register the domain name through the hosting companies so that the companies will take care the domain name for you.

After you get the domain name and hosting services, you can start develop your own wedding website. If you have knowledge in HTML programming, you will be able to create the website with this knowledge. However, I will suppose you do not have that knowledge otherwise I can be sure that you will not read this article.

Most hosting companies will provide interface for you to install any open source software. You can use this software to create your wedding website. One of the most common type of such a website is probably a blog. You can install the blog software on your site and start sharing.

You will then need to familiarize with the blog software your have installed. Then you can start writing the blog entries. At this point, you may probably need to upload any photos to the blog. One important point you have to bear in mind is that the requirements for a photo on the web is different from that for a printed photo. Normally you will put a photo with lower resolution on the web so that it can be loaded in a shorter period of time. Web surfers may not need to wait too long for the photos and images on your web site. As a little rule of thumb, an image (in jpeg format) of file size 150k to 200k will be better than enough. There is no point to upload larger photos unless you would like the users to see all the details of the images or download it and print it out.

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