Wedding Planning

You found your soul mate; you said “yes” with all your heart; but now you have a big problem: you have never planned a wedding before. The best thing will be to hire a firm specialized in organizing weddings and other family events. But if you cannot do that, don’t panic! You can manage it anyway!

First of all you have to do some lists: the “to do” list, the guests list, the suppliers list, the potential receptions, photographers, bands and churches lists. And most important choose a date for the happy event and set a budget.

After you have done that, you have to book a restaurant for the celebration and a church for the religious ceremony. Then you have to decide on a pair of God parents (and ask them if they want to be on your side on such an event), the future bridesmaids, the flower girls and the ring bearer, the best man.

Don’t forget that it is also very important to obtain a marriage license (that should still be available on your wedding day).

Take your time to choose the wedding rings, the bride’s gown, veil, other accessories and groom’s suit. The invitations should be carefully selected, because they’re the ones that give the first clue about the future wedding.

Talk to a business specialized in wedding decoration to help you create the awesome atmosphere at the church and at the party site. Also be sure to check the reception menu and order your wonderful wedding cake.

The videos and photos are meant to last for a life time! Take your time to have a look at the previous work of the chosen photographer, just to feel more confident in the quality of his/her work.

A wedding is a time of happiness and joy! The right music can create a awesome atmosphere. Maybe you cannot please everybody, but a diversification will do no harm. And it would be better to practice with your mate the opening dance (remember that you will be in the center of everybody’s attention).

And in the meantime, keep yourself calm, love your partner and think optimistic: nothing is as hard as it seems.

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