Wedding Planning

When running a wedding business you get personally involved with the clients for whom you are planning the event.

Depending on the professionalism of others (wedding providers, hairstylist, photographer, hired personnel etc) you’ve to always be prepared that something may not go as you’ve planned and be able to come up quickly with a back up solution.

This isn’t an eight hours per day job. You have to be flexible and to meet and extend your clients’ wishes. And being available for them when they need advice or just a reassurance (although is late in the evening or during the weekend) will do your business and your reputation a lot of good. And in this business a good reputation means more than costly publicity in magazines or on the radio.

Survey the market and keep an eye on the competition. You can’t cover the whole market, so think which target suits you best (professional women, young couples, etc). Make your fees competitive and from time to time offer discounts. Don’t take more jobs that you can perform. It’s better to accomplish only one perfectly, than to do two lousy ones.

When running a wedding business you’ll get to know all sorts of people involved in the wedding business. Making a good impression will help you in time create a good network. You never know when you may need them.

You have to be very well organized and increase your financial skills not only for managing your own business, but that’ll help a lot also when the bride wants something, but the budget is too tight to meet her requirements.

It isn’t an simple business, but is one of the most rewarding types. To make your wedding business successful takes time, energy and devotion. But if you are willing to work hard and if you love what you’re doing, you’ll certainly succeed.

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