Wedding List

When you book your reception site, be sure that you understand what is and is not included in the rental fee. Each facility is different, so you have to clarify with the manager of the property what can be provided by the venue, and what you must provide. As always, make sure that many things you have agreed upon is put in writing.

Depending on the venue you may need to supply some, if not all the items listed below:

Chairs – For a seated dinner or seated buffet you need to provide seating for all reception guests. For a buffet style reception you may able to get away with enough chairs for half or more of the total number of guests. You may need to rent or purchase chair covers separately. High chairs for children should be available from rental companies.

Guest Tables – Smaller tables like a 36-inch round will comfortably seat 4-6 guests and be appropriate for a buffet type menu. Larger tables like a 48-inch round will seat 6-8 guests, or a 60-inch round seats 8-10 guests. Regardless of their size, all guest tables are pre-set with flatware, glassware, linen napkins, and coffee cups that work well for a seated dinner.

Cake Table – usually a 48-inch round works well, but the appropriate size will depend on the size of your wedding cake. Make sure you include the decorative adds to the cake display like floral or linen accents. Be sure the cake table is located in a highly visible, but low traffic location. You want to show it since it is part of the decor, but keep it out of the high traffic areas to keep it safe.

Groom’s Cake Table – If the groom’s cake has not been served during the rehearsal dinner, a 36-inch round will work flawlessly.

Head Table – The most important feature about this table is that is facing the guests. A very typical head table arrangement is several rectangular tables placed end-to-end to seat your entire wedding party.

Buffet Tables – If you have decided on a buffet dinner, you’ll need to arrange several food stations, such as meet carving, etc. (Buffet tables may be provided by the catering company. )

Gift Table – The wedding gifts are placed on this table, the size should depend on the number of guests you are expecting.

Guest Book Table – A small table for your reception guest book.

Linens & Tableware – Linens and tableware may be included with the rented tables, or you may need to source it elsewhere.

Tents – Could be lifesaver outdoor receptions to protect guests from the sun or rainfall. Maybe used as a plan B for a rainy day.

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