Wedding Decoration

Part of planning for a wedding is selecting appropriate decorations. Here are some ideas that may help in your wedding preparations.

Flowers are Traditional

Flowers have become an essential part of almost every wedding. From the bride’s bouquet to the corsages worn by her attendants and the boutonnieres on the groom and his friends, flowers enhance the outfits of all the principal players.

Flowers are also an important aspect of the wedding decorations in the church or hall where the wedding is held. They can be arranged in vases at the altar and in the lobby or attached to the ends of the rows of seats. And no wedding reception would look right without a vase of flowers on every table.

In selecting flowers for the big event, think of the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses and what types of flowers will be in season on the wedding date. Selecting seasonal flowers may help reduce the cost. Shop around to find a florist who understands both your taste and your budget.

Creative people can buy flowers and arrange them on their own. Remember that this will take some time and cannot be done too early because flowers are perishable. It may be necessary to find refrigerator space to keep them cold so they will last longer. Transporting flower arrangements without disturbing them can be difficult, so it may be best to arrange the flowers at the place where the wedding is being held.

Candles Give a Warm Glow

Candles make a wonderful choice for wedding decorations. The color chosen can coordinate or contrast with the flowers. Pillars, tapers or even floating candles should be considered. Select candleholders that complement the candles and flowers. There are many choices for candles in a vast array of colors and scents online amd in local stores.

Safety is always a concern with candles. Be sure they are placed where they will not set drapery or other flammable items on fire. Wait to light them until just before guests will enter the area where they are located. Once guests have left an area, be sure to snuff out all the candles remaining there.

Table Settings Make an Impact

The table settings at the wedding reception will be photographed and long remembered. Choose attractive linens, china, cutlery and glassware that go well with the wedding’s style and colors. Since these items mostly belong to the hotel or hall where the reception is held, people may not think of them as wedding decorations. Even though the bride and groom will not own them after the event, choosing them carefully is just as important as picking out the other visual elements that go into the wedding plan.

Some smaller hotels may have a limited selection of tableware. If it is a small wedding and having an elegant table is important to the happy couple, they may wish to borrow appropriate china and glassware from their parents or rent it from a rental company for the day.

Casual wedding, casual style

For those holding a more casual style of wedding, the decorations may be less elaborate. An outdoor wedding may call for tiki torches and a flowering trellis. Wedding decorations for a country-western wedding might include saddles, boots, cactus and cowboy hats. Other possible wedding themes are limited only by the imaginations of the happy couple. Whatever they select, there are wedding decorations to go along with their plans.

Since the bride and groom will be leaving on their honeymoon during the reception, it may be desirable to designate a friend or relative to collect any wedding decorations that could have sentimental value or future use. Candles will probably not be consumed during the wedding. Flowers will last for at least a few more days and the vases can be recycled for a future event. Perhaps a welcome home bouquet and candle decoration made of the wedding leftovers could be placed in the new couple’s home to greet them when they return from their honeymoon.

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