Party Planning

A good party doesn’t have to be done on a good budget. It is possible to throw a memorable party that costs next to nothing. Be honest about your budget and work with it.

Even a low budget party has to have a budget. As an example, if you’re unable to spend more than $10. 00 per guest and you’ve a $200. 00 budget you can only afford to invite 20 guests. It is pretty straightforward. If you need to invite more people, you either need to decrease your expenses or increase your budget. Neither one of them is easy, but you’re going to have to make a decision.

You have to make sure your budget covers the venue, the food and drinks, the decorations, the party favors, and everything else you may deem necessary. Be realistic about determining the expense per person. If you’ve a $10. 00 per person budget, you’re not going to be able to afford gourmet catering and Don Perignon champagne.

If you would often host an elegant party on a small budget consider inviting less people. Your guests will reap the benefits of having less people, but better quality food and drinks.

You could have a small dinner party by inviting two or three couples. For such a small cook you can afford better ingredients, such as fresh seafood and a bottle of fine wine. Since most guests will bring a bottle of wine you don’t need to worry about spending money on several bottles.

Potlucks or barbeques are good low budget party options. If you plan correctly, your party is sure to be a big hit with your guests regardless of your budget. Your attitude, creativity, and effort will have as much to do with how successful you party is as your budget. You may not have a budget for an all around first class event, but you may be able to afford gourmet dessert, or the freshest local caught fish. Upgrading any aspect of your party can help your guests perceive your party as pricey and classy.

Final tip: If you’re undecided about how much to spend per guest set your total available budget and divide it by the number of guests you need to invite.

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