Event Management

Your prospects need to know that your program is tailored to the problems they are experiencing today. Then they need to know that you have the most cutting-edge solutions to solve their problems. How can you express to them that your event will meet their needs fully?

Provide a Complete Agenda

Help your prospects understand that your program will address the problems they are experiencing today by including a detailed blow-by-blow agenda. The more depth you show in your agenda, the more likely your prospects are to feel they will get the value they need.

Make sure your agenda includes information about where to go, who is hosting/speaking, who should attend each session, and of course the time.

Tailor-made Answers

Show your prospect they will get all the answers they need from you. You can tell your prospects that as they register online, they will be asked to supply their specific questions which will be addressed during the program. To overcome other prospects’ hesitations you can also add the “Common questions that will be answered” to your marketing materials as well.

By helping to customize your event to prospects’ needs, you will show a willingness to help them learn, more so than a desire to take their money and run.

Cutting edge

You will attract more people to register for your event if they feel they will get the latest and greatest information from you. To give your prospects that feeling, use up-to-date terminology such as “cutting edge”, “new”, “advanced”, “latest” and “just-released research” in your copy to draw in your audience. Be sure to speak to them using action-oriented sentences such as “Attending this program will…. ” or “Learn how to…. ” or “Be the first to see updated techniques on…”

The first step is showing your audience you understand their challenges and the second step is showing them you know how to help them with those challenges, or at least have content that can.

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