Bride To Be

Your dream finally came true…along came Mr. Right and now you are engaged! Not only are your girlfriends excited about your engagement, but also they are happy to be a part of our wedding day. Being invited to serve as a bridesmaid is both flattering and rewarding. It is flattering in the fact that the bride considers her bridesmaids to be her closest friends. It is rewarding in that the bride shares special bridesmaids gifts to show her appreciation. Knowing that you are appreciated is very gratifying.

The unique quality in friendship is that friends help each other out of love. True friends do not expect anything in return when they perform a kind gesture for the other. If friends are supposed to help friends, why should the bride feel obligated to give bridesmaids gifts to her attendants? The answer to this question is simple. Bridesmaids are given several tasks to help minimize the bride’s stress. In doing so, the bride is very appreciative. It is not an obligation for the bride to show her appreciation it is her choice.

Being a bridesmaid is not easy. Not only is it time consuming, but it is also a financial burden. Giving her attendants a bridesmaids gift is a small price for the bride to pay in comparison to the hard work performed by bridesmaids. Friends should never take each other for granted. Whenever someone does a kind gesture for another, there is always room to show a little appreciation. Whether you voice it, write it down, or purchase a gift, saying “thank you” is always appropriate.

On average, couples spend approximately 2% of their wedding budget on attendants’ gifts. Ironically, the attendants perform more than 50% of the work that is invested in planning the wedding. This is why friends are such wonderful people. They are willing to invest more than they will get back. Brides are fully aware of the fact that a $25. 00 bridesmaids gift cannot compare to the tremendous amount of time and money spent by her bridesmaids. However, the sentiment behind the gift is priceless. Gifts are simply an expression of the appreciation that a giver has for the recipient.

Because bridesmaids do such a wonderful job to assist the bride, it is often difficult to decide what to give them. One thing to keep in mind is that true friends are not difficult to please. The best bridesmaids gifts are those that are affordable, unique, and practical. A popular choice among brides is bridal jewelry. The wonderful quality that bridal jewelry has is that it has a multipurpose. Not only can it be worn on the wedding day, but it can be worn for other occasions as well. Bridesmaids are special people who deserve special gifts.

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